Weatherdek membranes are a PVC sheet applied membrane, supplied in roll form and available in various thickness and widths. When installed the vinyl is laid out and fully adhered to most smooth substrates, all joints in the membrane are overlapped approximately 1″ and heat welded, using a hot air welder, to form a fully waterproof seal. The vinyl is then mechanically fastened at the deck perimeters using a number of different details depending upon the specific application.

Deck Preparation 

The recommended substrates for Weatherdek membranes are either, minimum 5/8″ Select T&G Fir or G1S 3/4″ Fir Plywood, or a concrete slab. In order to accept sheet vinyl these surfaces will require some preparation to ensure a smooth and uniform surface appearance once the vinyl is installed. To achieve this some sanding as well as the use of a cement or gypsum based floor levelling compound can be used.

The perimeters of the deck surface may also require some preparation and depending upon the chosen finishing detail to be used, a flashing may be required at either the outside or the inside edges of the deck.

The deck construction to which your Weatherdek will be applied plays an important roll in how your Weatherdek will look and perform throughout it’s life span. The following are the manufacturers recommendations for the best performance from your Weatherdek:

  • Recommended Substrate – 5/8″ Select Tongued and Grooved Fir or G1S 3/4″ Fir Plywood
  • Recommended Fastening – 1 3/4″ screws at a 4″ to 6″ spacing, as well as a quality construction grade adhesive between the plywood and joists
  • Recommended Drainage Slope – 1/8″/foot

Drainage slope on a deck is very important as improper slopes can cause water to gather and sit on the deck surface. Standing water can collect pollutants from the air or from other building materials in close proximity to the deck.

Standing water may be harmful to the appearance of your deck surface!

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