Roofing Systems and Patio Covers

Structural Polycarbonate Roof

Brings in The Natural Light While Filtering Out the Hot Sun

All framing is made from strong maintenance free aluminum. Our proprietary design, the large glazing beams used in Skyview are thoroughly tested… your assurance that your new polycarbonate roof will hold the snow. It’s a sound investment that adds value to your home.

The Northlander™ Skyview polycarbonate roof utilizes strong, multi-walled polycarbonate panels. These panels have a range of solar tints that block damaging UV rays while allowing various levels of light transmission onto your deck or into your room enclosure.

Insulated Roofing Panels

PanelCraft™ Insulated Panels

This technological marvel is made using two aluminum skins bonded to a stabilizing core material. These “sandwich” panels are incredibly strong. Use them on your patio room or as a stand alone cover for your patio. Rely on PanelCraft™ aluminum panels to provide protection from the sun, rain and snow. Enjoy outdoor gatherings or just relax in your favourite patio lounge chair on a hot summer day without worrying about the sun’s harsh effects.

PanelCraft™ aluminum roof panels provide attractive and maintenance free protection for your patio enclosure, deck or sun porch. Installed as a carport, PanelCraft™ keeps you from getting wet or tripping through snow as you get the groceries from the car to the house, as well as giving your car shelter.

PanelCraft™ polystyrene (“foam”) core panels are best of breed. They feature our unique Krystal Kote clear protective finish and a high density foam core. PanelCraft™ foam panels are built to withstand our Canadian snow loads with the engineering to prove it.

Northlander Roofing System

Battle The Elements … And Win!

Don’t let the weather keep you from enjoying your deck. The Northlander™ Patio Covers are designed and built to withstand heavy rain, snow, sleet and harsh sunlight. A permanent canopy is great for protection from the sun’s heat and sunburn. It means you can keep your outdoor furniture, barbecue and other items protected year round without having to drag them in the house every winter.

Whatever you need for durable outdoor protection; an entryway, patio cover, enclosure, carport or Florida room, The Northlander™ has you covered. The roof is constructed from strong, aluminum pans that lock together to form a water-proof joint.

Patio Covers & Car Ports

A Rain and Sun Shelter – for you and your vehicle.

Beat the heat of the glaring sun with an insulated patio cover or carport from Betterliving. Our 3 inch insulated foam roof panels provide shade from the sun and protection from rain and snow.

You’re looking for a shady place to sit and read, a Patio Cover is your answer if:

  • You need a covered outdoor play area for the children
  • You don’t want to be chased indoors when it starts to rain

Patio Cover Kits

Glazing Sheets That Lock Together

Our Northlander™ Skyview Quick Cover system is easy to install. The ⅝″ thick (16mm) glazing sheets are four feet wide. Sheets are joined together with a  polycarbonate base rail and cap, typically clear in colour. The cap snaps down over the base which hides the screws, provides a clean flush appearance and a water resistant seam. It mounts on existing aluminum, steel, or wood frame work. It is great for re-glazing solariums and conservatories

If your joists are spaced 24 inches apart, you may be able to install the aluminum base rails directly on to them. Often you will run horizontal strapping (purlins) spaced 24″ to 36” apart. Refer to manufacturers load table for purlin spacing, available on installation tab.

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